Windows Phone icon sits proudly next to iOS and Android’s in PayPal’s new website


Does it annoy you when you see these adverts on TV, on-line or even on the radio that usually end with a “You can download our application for iPhone, iPad and Android” statement? What’s even worse is that some of these companies will have a Windows Phone version of the app but somehow forget to mention it, making us Windows Phone enthusiast feel like unwanted ugly children. So you can imagine the pride we felt when we saw the Windows Phone icon sitting proudly next to the iOS and Android’s in PayPal’s refreshed website’s home page.

This is a big deal because it gives Windows Phone the all important mind-share that the platform badly needs. For the benefit of those who’ve been living under a rock for the last century: PayPal is a global e-commerce business that allow payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet – with 100+ million active users worldwide.

Ok, it might not mean someone will buy a Windows Phone because they saw an icon but the fact remains that they become aware of it. When big companies advertise – like the BBC (UK) for instance – they usually mention that they have an iOS or Android application, giving the two platforms a free advert almost. Unfortunately for Windows Phone, this has been going on to long as some big cooperates haven’t yet brought a version of their application to the platform. We hope PayPal will be the first of many to proudly present a Windows Phone application to their users.

PayPal for Windows Phone
The Paypal for Windows Phone application allows users to check their balance, withdraw funds or view past transactions – anytime, anywhere. The application also lets lets you pin the app as a Live Tile on your Start screen so that when you receive money in your PayPal account, you’ll get a Live Tile notification. the is also the “Local” feature that helps find local merchants who are using our PayPal Here™ service

PayPal Application

If you have a PayPal account then this application comes highly recommended by yours truly. To download it, just hit the Windows Phone Store badge below or scan the QR Code on the right using Bing Vision on your Windows Phone.

app-downloadPayPal Application QR Code