Nokia Lumia 920 takes centre stage in Auto Trader UK’s latest TV advert


The process usually involves spotting a Windows Phone device on telly, rewinding so as to make sure what we’ve just witnessed is true and then trawling through YouTube to find the particular video clip. That is what us WPSuperfanboys do when we see a Windows Phone device on TV or any other interesting place, and we like sharing it with the rest of the community. We did the same when we spotted a Windows Phone in Carly Jepsen-Rae music video, Flo Rida’s video and even when we saw the Windows Phone icon in PayPal’s refreshed website’s home page.

This time, it’s the Nokia Lumia 920 that takes centre stage in Auto Trader’s latest television advertisement. Auto Trader is an automotive sales website and classified magazine, with their website being the busiest automotive website that attracts some 10 million+ unique users per month. The advert is being run on mainstream networks all through the day. Unfortunately, the featured device so happens to be a black one which somewhat appears to be just another generic smartphone – if you don’t look closely that is. See the video after the break.