Nokia Lumia 520 Available on Unlocked-Mobiles for Cheap


If you haven’t been able to guess yet, we’re big fans of the Nokia Lumia 520. It’s the perfect mix of great hardware and a low price that really makes this a worthwhile phone. If you’re in the UK, another avenue has opened for you to pick up the phone. Unlocked-mobiles added the phone to their site for a mere £159.99. That’s SIM free with overnight shipping.

If you haven’t kept up with our enthusiasm for the phone, the Lumia 520 is a low-end smartphone. It comes with a 4” WVGA, high sensitive IPS screen powered by a dual core 1.0 GHz Snapdragon S4, 8GB of expandable storage, 512 MB of RAM, and a 5MP camera. There’s no NFC or front-facing camera, but we’re sure that was merely to keep the price down. It’s offered in black, white, yellow, red, or magenta, all of which are available at the site.

Those of us on the other side of the pond are incredibly jealous. We either have to pay for outrageous shipping or wait for T-Mobile to get the Lumia 521 in stock. No matter, as this is a great deal to keep Nokia’s edge in the UK going strong. We love the momentum that Windows Phone has picked up and hope that Nokia, HTC, and Samsung keep at it.

Are you thinking about picking one of these up? Have you already got one? After you order, tell us how excited you are for it.

Source: unlocked-mobiles