T-Mobile set to announce the end of contracts

March 5, 2013 at 11:16 GMT | By Nicholaus Lee

Cellular provider T-Mobile is now offering it's customers a no contract option for their cellphones. The site TmoNews broke this story last Friday as they received information that T-Mobile might be unveiling a contract free option for it's customers by the end of the month.

T-Mobiles new pricing is pretty simple, from what I can tell, but a breakdown might still be in order:

  • A single line will cost you $50 for unlimited talk and text, and will include 500MB of data automatically.

  • More data can be added to each line at $10 per 2GB chunk, up to 12GB a month. Or you can add unlimited data to each line for $20 per month.

  • Family plans start at $80 for two lines, adding $10 per additional line. Each line includes the unlimited talk and text, as well as 500MB of data each. If you need additional data, the same data rates of $10 per 2GB or $20 unlimited apply per line.

This is great news for customers in the U.S. looking for a post pay phone plan, that don't want to sign a two year contract, risk having to pay overage fees or ludicrous early termination charges. You will however have to pay near full price for the phones, which without the subsidized contract pricing can be pretty high in some cases. Currently the T-Mobile website has the Samsung Galaxy S III listed for $600, a pretty hefty sum compared to it's subsidized price of $280.

All hope is not lost however, when you remember the recently announced Nokia Lumia 520, that has been said to be coming to T-Mobile sometime this year. Announced at Mobile World Congress just a couple weeks ago, the new Nokia 520 is said to come in at a mere $183, cheaper than Samsung's subsidized price. It will also sport a dual-core 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, and 8GB internal storage, expandable by microSD up to 64GB. As well as a 4-inch super sensitive display and a 5MP camera.

At these prices, I can't help but think many potential customers might be tempted to at least look twice at T-Mobile and Nokia as an easy, inexpensive entry point to the world of smartphones. And with all the plans including unlimited talk and text, the Lumia 520 is set to be a teenagers best friend with it's sleek styling and colourful personality.

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