Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5: Another thrashing for Cupertino's finest!

September 19, 2012 at 13:28 GMT | By Darlington Moyo

No doubt the Apple will break all records with the iPhone 5. In fact, they have just announced that they have had 2 million pre-orders and are looking to ship 45 million units in Q4 alone. That's just amazing isn't it? You know, here at WPSF we like bashing Apple in anyway we can and constantly refer to their customers as sheep. Apple must be doing something right for all these people to keep buying their devices right? Well, it's not as straight forward as that...

The origional iPhone was indeed a game changer which left rivals in their wake and have since struggled to gain level footing. Cue 2012 and the fruit company is flagging. For the first time, many are doubting Apple and rivals are catching up fast. Samsung have done a fine job shifting 20 million Galaxy SIIIs in just a 100 days, but one senses there needs to be a bigger push from elsewhere. Enter new kid on the block in the shape of the Nokia Lumia 920. Anyone thinking of buying the iPhone 5 needs to take a look the below comparison and then give a good reason why they wont be getting the gorgeous Nokia Lumia 920!

SOURCE: Nok4us

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