Microsoft Tells App Developers To “Keep the Cash”


Our platform is picking up some steam. We’ve picked up some big names over the last couple of weeks, new releases are coming out more regularly and our gaming dry spell has finally ended. This is all well and good for us little folks using the system, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to think it’s enough.

Microsoft started up a new incentive program called “Keep the Cash.” They are offering developers $100 per app released onto each platform. You can only submit up to ten apps per platform, totaling $2000 for 10 apps on Windows Phone 8 and another 10 for Windows 8. This is quite a hunk of cash for small developers looking to get their app out there, and more than makes up for the $100/year cost of a Microsoft developer account.

Microsoft is really pushing for more developers on their systems. Between this, their App to the Future design contest with core77, and their currently unfolding Next App Star competition, they should get more support from the little guys.

We love to see this push. If there’s one thing people STILL complain about, it’s the app availability in their stores, both mobile and desktop. We’re hoping this brings in more developers, apps, and consumers to our side of the market fence. This is also a lot of good press for the corporation to balance the negativity floating around the Internet. Not to mention, this is great motivation for developers to create cross platform titles.

What do you think of all of this? Do you think this will help bring more people to the platform? Or is it too little, too late? Do you think it’s enough to fight back against the enticement that Blackberry is offering? Don’t be shy, tell us in the comments!

Source: Keep the Cash