Microsoft Slowly Bringing Video Messaging for Skype to More of Windows Line


A couple of days ago, Microsoft updated Skype for Desktop. The update gave the desktop version of Skype a preview ability to send any Skype account a video message. Think of video messages as a visual voicemail. You record a video and send it to someone, where it sits there until they watch it. We were upset they didn’t update the full gamut of devices to allow video recording.

Well, today, they rolled out an update for the Windows 8/RT version of Skype. We’re glad to announce that you can now annoy your friends with videos of yourself, even if they aren’t online when you do. If you own a Windows 8/RT device. If you’re on Windows Phone 8, tough luck, you can only be bothered by others.

This bugs us. We’re still trying to figure out why the inconsistent update cycle for their premier messaging service. Android and iOS have the update, but they haven’t quite gotten around to the Windows Phone 8 version. At least they’re showing more support for their tablet and desktop OS, but that doesn’t excuse how long we’ve had to wait for the update to land. We sincerely hope they step it up and work on their mobile OS first in the future.

Has anyone picked up the updates? Have you toyed around with the feature any? What do you think of it? Let us know!

Download: Skype for Windows 8