HERE Drive+ Gaining Live Traffic Updates


HERE Drive+ is a great, free alternative navigation app available to all Windows Phone 8 users. The catch is that it’s still missing a few features, such as live traffic updates and rerouting according to various preferences such as toll. The app has also been in Beta since its release, making us wonder when the real deal will land and if it’ll bring with it these missing features. According to one of the HERE team members, it should be pretty soon and at least one feature is now confirmed.

Pino Bonetti replied to a complaint that HERE Drive+ Beta is missing live traffic rerouting. Pino states that “HERE Drive has been redesigned from ground up specifically for WP8, soon the beta will be over and it will include traffic.” Pino hasn’t led us astray in the past, and he’s a pretty big name on the team, so we’re inclined to believe him on this one. The big question still remains: when?

We enjoy speculating about future events, so here we go. We know that Nokia is going to have a big event in London this month. We know that at these events, they introduce new hardware as well as new software. We already know some of the hardware (the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 928). What we haven’t really considered was the software side. We expect that they may give some more information on the status of HERE Drive’s release at the event. We figure that May 15th falls under the category of “soon.” Even if the information isn’t dropped on us at the event, Nokia’s version of “soon” alters slightly from other manufacturers. That is, they actually mean “within a few weeks” instead of “within the year” when they say soon.

What do you think of the information? What features are missing from HERE Drive+ that you’d like to see make the final release?

Source: Twitter