5 Inch Nokia Lumia ‘phablet’ on the way?


The Speculation

Last week we saw all sorts of new photos showing off what is supposedly an aluminum 41 megapixel Nokia branded phone. Well, now we have some evidence for further speculation using the same photos. Among further inspection of the pictures everyone has noticed how big that guys hand is making it look. There is reason to believe it besides that man’s now small looking hands!

If you will notice the button scheme on the side of any Nokia phone you have a volume rocker, a power/lock button and at the bottom a camera shutter button. You will want to note that these are in perfectly machined holes to fit those buttons. Look at the top and bottom of that button scheme now. There is a significant amount of space compared to any other Nokia phone. This got me thinking of an equation we often use to calculate things like the price we pay for food by the ounce compared to other foods. The nifty thing about this equation is it can also be used to figure out how big something in a picture actually is, if you have something to compare it to.

So, using this simple equation we now have a size on the device in the pictures we see tooled out of aluminum. This phone is going to be approximately 8 cm wide and a whopping 16.3 cm long (see below for the boring math), making it well in the range we would expect to see a 5 inch display! This makes us believe that there are two variants coming: a polycarbonate bodied 4.5” display and an aluminum 5” display. Maybe both have a 41mp camera but possibly a smaller sensor for a more affordable phone.

The math behind the proof

Now for those of you unfamiliar with the previously mentioned equation it is commonly used as such:

x/a  =  b/c

The steps to this equation are as such to find x:


Besides dividing the x away, this is all that was used to get the measurements of this new phone. The length was determined with the volume rocker’s length on the Lumia 920 and compared to the length in the picture of the volume rocker’s drilled hole. So where the initial x in the equation was the length of the phone, a= the length of the phone in the picture (5.7cm), b= the actual length of the volume rocker (2cm) and c= the length of the volume rocker in the picture (0.7cm).

For the width the USB port hole in the picture below was compared to that on the Lumia 920. The measurements were as such: x= Width of pictured device, a= the width of the phone as pictured (5cm), b= the length of the 920’s USB port (0.8cm) and c= the USB port as pictured (0.5cm). All these were measured from said Lumia 920 with no zoom used.

The “volcano”, as it has been coined, on the back has been measured as well, being 1.7cm down the body of the phone and 3.2cm in width on the polycarbonate and 1.43cm down and 2.72cm wide on the aluminum bodied device. As a bonus, provided for your viewing pleasure is my poorly drawn rough sketch of the polycarbonate phone overlaying the aluminum one with both having the humps drawn in position.